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De Havilland Tiger Moth Flight
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Climb aboard the open-cockpit 1936 De Havilland Tiger Moth. Enjoy the thrill of the wind brushing against your face, whilst being flown low level for the most unforgettable 30 minutes flight around Johannesburg. The vintage open cockpit bi-plane will fly you back to the 1940s! This will be a nostalgic return to an era of romance and excitement where you’ll even get to wear the leather flying helmet and goggles!

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More Information

The Experience
Upon arrival at the hangar, you will meet your pilot and ground staff for the day and be shown around the vintage, open cockpit Tiger Moth aircraft. Safety aspects will be explained and you will be helped to strap yourself into your seat. When all is ready and the propeller has been swung to start the engine, you will be up and away on your flight. All flights are flown by experienced and qualified flight instructors/pilots.

Vital Info
Participants need to be in good health. Participants should be aged 16 and older. Participants under the age of 18 will need to provide written approval from their parents/ guardian. As a guideline the maximum height is 6'4' and maximum weight is approximately 120kg.
All necessary flying kit and equipment is supplied. All participants are required to sign an indemnity form before take-off.  Cameras are ok but please bring a strap to attach it to your wrist. 

The Weather
This experience is weather dependent. Clear, calm conditions are required. Flights will be cancelled in strong wind and adverse conditions and we will re-schedule at a time to suit the customer.

Session Length
Allow approximately 60 minutes for the total experience, including 20 minutes preparation time, approximately 30 minutes flight time and then 10-15 minutes at the end of flight for photos etc.

This experience voucher is for one person.

Spectators and family members are welcome.  

Dress Code
Dress comfortably. Wear long pants with a long sleeve shirt and closed shoes. Tie back long hair, take the necessary sun precautions and something warm to wear whether in an open cockpit or on the airfield. In some instances you will be given flight clothes, goggles and a helmet to wear. This is for your own safety and is mandatory.

Please allow at least four weeks advance notice when booking. Most aircrafts are privately owned by full time pilots whose availability is determined by their own commercial flight schedule. 

Other Information
The deHavilland D.H. 82 Tiger Moth was developed from the D.H. 60M Gipsy Moth. First flown in October of 1931, the D.H. 82 faced stiff competition to become the basic trainer for Britain 's Royal Air Force (RAF). However, after the trials were held, the Tiger Moth emerged the clear winner, with 35 of the craft being ordered.

The first model, the D.H.82 , was powered by a 120hp Gipsy III inverted inline engine, and was also sold to the air forces of Brazil , Denmark , Persia , Portugal and Sweden . An improved model, the D.H. 82A Tiger Moth II, was equipped with a Gipsy Major engine rated at 130hp, as well as structural changes that included the replacement of fabric with plywood for the rear fuselage decking, and the ability to shroud the rear cockpit for instrument flight training.

More than 8,700 Tiger Moths were eventually manufactured, with approximately 4200 going to the Royal Air Force, where it trained thousands of pilots for World War II service, and continued to serve the post-war RAF until 1951.

Now, long after its retirement from active service, the Tiger Moth is still actively delighting aircraft devotees in the UK , Canada , Australia and the US . Not very long ago, as D.H. 82 time is measured, one United States aviation magazine featured two articles, one about the Tiger Moth and its worldwide clubs, the other about an 80% scale reproduction version of the Tiger Moth in one issue. Whatever magic there is in having the wind whip by one's ears in an open cockpit, the deHavilland D.H. 82 Tiger Moth must have it in abundance, if one judges by the many aviation clubs around the world still dedicated to the aircraft.

Rand Airport, Johannesburg, Gauteng  

Available Locations
Rand Airport, Johannesburg, Gauteng
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