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SCAD Freefall for 2 at Orlando Towers
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Experience the latest vertical adventure, SCAD Freefall! Scad Freefall is a unique Thrill ride. It's the only system in the world, that allows unattached, controlled free fall. The world’s highest freefall inside a tower, Orlando Towers Scad Freefall offers adventure junkies the opportunity to safely plummet from 70m inside the towers. Air-divers fall, without any harnesses or attachments, into a Suspended Catch Air Device, and thrill seekers free fall for 70m before being caught safely and softly by a double SCAD net. This thrilling dive is a must for all adrenaline junkies.

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The Experience
The ride gets to the release level at 70m height by using a winch via cage to the top. The SCAD jump master activates a descend system and releases the diver after a countdown. The very long drop is completely without attachments. The diver will drop into  a Suspended Catch Air Device (SCAD). The air tubes and brake suspension around the double SCAD net stop the fall softly, the diver feels no impact at all. The free fall experience is therefore very intense. After the landing the entire SCAD device will be lowered a short distance to the ground and the diver exits by himself

Vital Info
Minimum age limit is 14 years and anybody under the age of 18 years needs a parent/guardian to sign the indemnity form for them. Minimum weight is 35kg and maximum is 110kg.

The Weather
This is a weather dependant activity and it will not take place if the weather is particularly poor- high winds and rain will affect this experience. Further details will be supplied upon booking.

Session Length
The safety checks, briefing and harnessing will take a few minutes. The jump will last a few heart-stopping seconds before you are gently lowered back to the ground.

This Experience Voucher is for two persons. You will jump on your own, but there will be others waiting their turn.

Spectators are welcome. Cameras are also recommended to capture the moment.

Dress Code
Please dress comfortably. Long trousers are recommended; you will be upside down.

Jumps are available daily, subject to availability. Please allow one week minimum notice required for booking.  

Orlando Towers, Soweto, Gauteng

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