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Murder Party with Dinner for 6 or 8
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Murder Dinner Party is an opportunity to give your guests a chance to dress up, have fun and laugh out loud. You will be a host to an electric evening like the one seen in Sherlock Holmes movies where all the guests have a motive for murder. Murder plot is played over a meal and each suspect then tries to dig up the dirty, slimy, grimy facts on the others at the table, whilst attempting to keep their own motives secret! Many murder and mystery plots to choose from, exciting costume and menu suggestions, event coordinator; all you need is to invite 6 or 8 guests to attend an evening of mystery and murder. Three course dinner at one of our great venues is included in this package.

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The Experience
This experience is an ideal opportunity for you to host a dinner party with a theme. It is an innovative and seriously cool office entertainment.You and all your guests come to the party in character (costumes optional), soon to find out you are all suspects in a murder. The fun begins as you try to recreate the events leading up to the ghastly moment. As the accusations begin to fly and clues are revealed, you must figure out who among you has committed the unspeakable crime. All participants may have a motive and means, plus some interesting skeletons hanging in their closets. You must use all your sleuthing skills to find the real villain, proving your own innocence by proving someone else's guilt. In the end, the mystery is solved and the entire truth is told.

Three course dinner at one of our great venues is included in this package. Drinks, venue hire and gratuity are excluded from this package. Cash bar will be arranged for you and it will need to be settled at the end of your experience with the venue directly.

Vital Info
Once you choose a plot you will receive a special theme setting invitation for each of your guests. This is handed out about a week before your murder dinner and via this invite you allocate each guest his or her character. On the night your suspects (guests) will peel away layers of tongue in cheek clues, motives and alibis. Each suspect then tries to dig up the dirty, slimy, grimy facts on the others at the table, whilst attempting to keep their own motives secret! Your gift pack will contain a brief description of available plots and your booking will be done according to a chosen theme or mystery.

Session Length
The murder plot is played over a sit down meal. A "murder" is announced and this becomes an excuse for the guests to enter a period, during which they tend to divulge the biggest lot of fabrications, deceit and cover-up's imaginable.

This package is for one table only with either 6 or 8 participants. Please enquire about available options and costing for bigger groups. Price quoted is just a guideline and final cost will depend on the venue chosen and exact number of participants. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will gladly send you detailed options and possible costing.

Dress Code
Once you've selected a theme for the party you can suggest a dress code for your guests to make it more authentic.

Available on request. Please allow 2-3 weeks for booking and preparations.

Other Info
You will have to read your parts but our games are played in a conversation mode usually set around a dinner table or living room. Best of all, most of our games do not let you in on who committed the crime until you are finished playing the game. From the invitations to costume suggestions to menu suggestions, your mystery kits will have it all!

Gauteng: Johannesburg

Available Locations
Gauteng, Johannesburg
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