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Whale Watching Cruise for Two
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Experience a close encounter with the gentle giants of the ocean, the Southern Right whales, by going on an informative, educational and yet extremely fun trip, whale watching in Hermanus, South Africa. Annually, from about June to December, Hermanus and Gansbaai are known as a mecca for whale watching, with the Southern Right Whale’s choosing the area as home. They make their way to our sheltered waters in South Africa from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to give birth, raise their young and breed.

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The Experience
Experience the ultimate marine adventure. A close encounter with gentle giants. Join us on a informative & fun whale watching trip in Hermanus. While no two trips are ever the same, from years of experience, we have come to expect sighting of not only Southern Right Whales, but sharks, dolphins, seals and the african penguin also. While we cannot guarantee sightings of a particular species, our understanding of what species are found in our Bay at certain times of the year, gives us a good idea of the chance of seeing these.  Remember, this is only a guideline founded on our experience and these animals are being observed in their natural surroundings so no guarantees can be given of sightings of on any species.

Vital info
This experience is available in Hermanus only. Trips are operated July to November and should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Children younger than 3 may accompany an adult at no extra charge.

The Weather
This is a weather dependant activity and will not take place if the sea or weather is unfavourable. However if that should happen the trip may be rescheduled.

Session Length
The excursion and time at sea is approximately 2 hours.

Minimum and maximum number of participants apply to this experience. If the minimum number of participants is not met, your trip will be re-scheduled.

Dress code
Please bring sunblock and sunglasses, a warm sweater or windbreaker and comfortable shoes. Should you have concerns with regards to possible motion-sickness, we suggest taking one tablet at least 24 hours before the trip and another one hour beforehand.

Trips are operated July to November and should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. You need to confirm cruise times with the operator as times do change according to the weather patterns. We will supply you with details upon your booking. Trips are usually scheduled daily with Departure times at 09:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 and 16:00, Weather permitting

Other info

Hermanus has been recognized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as one of the 12 best whale watching destinations in the world. The best time to enjoy whale watching in Hermanus is between July and November either from the beach, the famous cliff path, by boat or from the air via a scenic flight. Hermanus, particularly Walker Bay, is the mating and breeding grounds of the Southern Right Whale during the winter and spring months (from June to November). Southern Right Whales migrate from the Antarctic around June to calve and mate. Calving takes place in August and September and the males arrive for mating in October when the whale population peaks.

Hermanus, Western Cape

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